Oops! is a web site dedicated to discovering the absent and wandering mind and some of its consequences.

In this site we provide examples, often entertaining, of mind-wandering and its consequences, some essays on inattention, and an opportunity to contribute to our understanding of the causes and consequences of mind-wandering.

The Daily Oops!

A famous anecdote illustrates Thomas [Aquinas]'s obsession with the truths of God: He was once summoned to the court of King St. Louis for a royal dinner. Placed at the king's right hand, he sank into quiet reflection while the chattering of the court went on about him. Suddenly, he smacked the table with a hand, cried, 'That will settle the Manichees!' and called out for his secretary. When it was pointed out that this was not proper behavior in the royal presence, Thomas apologized and explained that he had thought he was in his cell. Louis, a king but also a saint, had the wisdom to summon a secretary for his guest.

- Anecdotage.com

How can you contribute to Oops!?

We have a number of questionnaires and behavioral assessments of attention and its failures, as well as a number of related measures. You can help us by participating in our research.