Oops! is a web site dedicated to discovering the absent and wandering mind and some of its consequences.

In this site we provide examples, often entertaining, of mind-wandering and its consequences, some essays on inattention, and an opportunity to contribute to our understanding of the causes and consequences of mind-wandering.

The Daily Oops!

"Do you see that man just coming in?" John Gielgud asked his dinner companion in a restaurant one day. "He's the biggest bore in London - second only to Edward Knoblock." Unfortunately, Gielgud had momentarily forgotten the identity of his dinner companion - Edward Knoblock!

- Anecdotage.com

How can you contribute to Oops!?

We have a number of questionnaires and behavioral assessments of attention and its failures, as well as a number of related measures. You can help us by participating in our research.