Oops! is a web site dedicated to discovering the absent and wandering mind and some of its consequences.

In this site we provide examples, often entertaining, of mind-wandering and its consequences, some essays on inattention, and an opportunity to contribute to our understanding of the causes and consequences of mind-wandering.

The Daily Oops!

Some time after resigning his post as Archbishop of Dublin in 1884, Richard Trench and his wife were invited by his successor to revisit the bishop's palace - Trench's former home - for dinner. Upset at the mediocre quality of the meal, Trench, forgetting that he was no longer the host, suddenly called to his wife at the other end of the table: "My dear," he declared, "you must count this cook as one of your failures!"

- Anecdotage.com

How can you contribute to Oops!?

We have a number of questionnaires and behavioral assessments of attention and its failures, as well as a number of related measures. You can help us by participating in our research.