Our research studies the nature of everyday attention and memory failures and how they impact our daily lives. If you decide to volunteer, you can fill out as many of our questionnaires as you wish.

Our research has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through the Office of Research Ethics at the University of Waterloo. Should you have any questions about our research, or would like to receive a copy of the results of our research please contact us. If you have any concerns resulting from your participation in our research, please feel free to contact Dr. Maureen Nummelin, Director, Office of Research Ethics, at 1-519-888-4567 x 36005, maureen.nummelin@uwaterloo.ca. For more information on how we keep your identity safe, please review our confidentiality statement.


Our Questionnaires

Demographic Information (1 min) — Demographics

General Inattention (2 mins) — MAAS-LO

Attention-related Errors (2 mins) — ARCES-R

Memory Failures (2 mins) — MFS-R

Self-Efficacy (1 min) — GSE

General Emotion (4 mins) — DASS


Our Tasks

We have also adapted a common behavioural measure of attention for use on the web. This task requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser. If you see only a blank page when loading the program, enable JavaScript in your browser options and reload the page. This task also requires a keyboard.

Sustained Attention Task (8 mins) — SART


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As with all research conducted at the University of Waterloo, we take care to ensure your confidentiality and the safety of your data. To view our confidentiality statement, click here.